Targets and goals

The Federation was established to develop, promote and popularize swimming in the Republic Tajikistan, to enhance the role of physical culture and sports in the comprehensive and harmonious development of the personality.
The following objectives serve the implementation of the Federation’s statutory goals:
• satisfaction of professional and amateur interests of its members, as well as children, youth and young people, in the field of sports swimming;
• promoting the growth of professional skills of coaches, teachers of additional education, judges and the growth of the performing level of athletes;
• promoting the formation and development of public organizations of sports and mass education in sports swimming, sports clubs, in accordance with current legislation;
• popularization among the general population swimming;
• moral, aesthetic and physical education of citizens, especially children, youth and young people, by means of sports swimming, rational organization of free time, involvement of citizens in the mass recreational swimming;
• organization and development of cooperation with other public organizations, including professional and non-professional athletes, swimming teachers and coaches.
To achieve its goals, the Federation, in accordance with applicable law:
• organizes and conducts within the framework of the Federation championships, cups, team meetings and other competitions among veterans, adults, youth, juniors and children, including international ones, in accordance with the Federation's sports calendar
• together with interested organizations holds Championships, Cups, Open Championships in sports swimming;
organizes and conducts training and consulting events (seminars, camps) for trainers, teachers of additional education, judges and athletes of the Federation with the assistance of domestic and foreign specialists in sports swimming in order to create a sports reserve;
• develops and approves the principles of qualification certification of judges, coaches and teachers of additional education and athletes of the Federation within the Federation and introduces in the established order submissions for assignment of ranks and categories to athletes, coaches and judges;
• gathers, studies, summarizes and disseminates advanced domestic and foreign coaching, teaching, sports and organizational experience;
• together with other interested organizations, develops and implements, in accordance with the established procedure, the issue of educational, methodological, reference and other literature in order to improve the skills of coaches, teachers of additional education, judges and athletes to popularize swimming through the media;
• identifies representatives of the Federation (coaches, additional education teachers, judges, functionaries) to participate in national, international seminars, conferences and other forums on sports swimming;
• participates in the formation of national teams of the The Republic of Tajikistan in accordance with the established procedure and organizes their participation in championships and tournaments;
• attracts donations from domestic and foreign citizens, enterprises, firms, funds, state, private and public organizations in the form of cash, any movable and immovable property;
• develops cooperation with foreign companies, public and youth organizations (Federations, Associations, Unions, centers), develops and implements measures to develop international cooperation in the field of sports swimming;
• promotes the development of programs for teaching schoolchildren and students in sports swimming in public educational institutions and training programs for sports swimming coaches in public educational institutions, and makes proposals for opening sports swimming schools in children and youth sports schools;
• participates in the organization of sports schools and other educational institutions, sections, departments for swimming in the manner prescribed by law;
• carries out other activities that meet the goals and objectives of the Federation and do not contradict the current legislation;
• provides assistance and support in the development and conduct of the Children's Swimming League in the Republic of Tajikistan;
• contributes to the development, strengthening of the material and sports, scientific and methodological base of sports swimming.

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